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Keepers.ru is a community of clans and guilds, that have their own representations in Virtual Worlds. If you aren’t a part of some clan or guild, we offer you to join us.
Keepers Clan was one of the first clans created in the release of russian MMORPG “Sphere”. Our clan was registered on the 14th of November 2003, just a few minutes after the servers launched. Today guilds of our community exist in two Gaming Worlds – EverQuest2[Barren Sky] (coming from EverQuest2[Runnyeye]) and Word of Warcraft[Razuvii] (transferred from Vashj(EU)). Our clan has left the "Sphere" after we have achieved all possible goals.
  • We need people who play regularly. It’s necessary, that you have the time (21:00-01:00 Moscow time) for playing together: clan raids and instance cleanups, clan training, etc.
  • We need people who can and want to play in a team - we are united not because we have nothing else to do. If you are interested only in your own profit, maybe you shouldn’t join any communities at all, play solo.
  • We are not so numerous, as other guilds. We do not pursue quantity, quality is more important for the Keepers.
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